History Is Where You Stand

PART 2: The Fur Trade Era

 From 1793 until about 1895 furs were what brought Europeans to the Peace. This section examines the fur trade itself and its effects on the people who were already here.  

 Images from the BC Archives may be found after these articles. Some articles have internal links to other images related to this topic.

001: The Beaver -- Foundation of the Fur Trade

002: The Voyageurs -- Backbone of the Fur Trade

003: The Prehistoric Trails

004: The Isolated Peace River Country

005: Peter Pond and the Methye Portage

006: Peter Pond and the Athabasca Country

007: Sir Alexander Mackenzie

008: Alexander Mackenzie's Voyage of Discovery to the Pacific

009: Early Forts on the Upper Peace River

011: Simon Fraser and our Southern Link to the Pacific

012: Simon Fraser's Contributions

013: A.N. McLeod and the Shaftesbury Trail

014: John Clarke and the Lesser Slave Lake Trail

015: Samuel Black, Explorer of the Finlay River

016: George Simpson -- the Peace Canyon and the Assiniboine Trail

018: The Life of a Factor in the Early Fur Trade

020: Twelve-Foot Davis and Associates: the Enterprising Spirit

021: Henry John Moberly, Fur Trader and Hunter

022: Sheridan Lawrence and the Agricultural Tradition

023: Frank Beatton -- the bridge between fur and farm

024: Alexander Monkman and the Monkman Pass Highway project

025: Discoverers of Monkman Pass

026: The Kitchen Gardens at Fort Dunvegan

028: Fort Edmonton in 1846 (link)

029: A Derelict Fort in Northern British Columbia [Norman Soars, 1952]

BN02-01: In 1937, Trappers Came home for Christmas


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 Marker at Bella Coola commemorating Alexander Mackenzie's arrival at the Pacific in July, 1793.

Image courtesy BC Archives

Call Number I-27224


 Hudson's Bay Company Post at Hudson's Hope, ca 1980

Image courtesy BC Archives -- Call Number A-05308


 Fort St. John in 1906

Image courtesy BC Archives -- Call Number A-04253

 A trapper's cabin on the Alaska Highway, sometime in the late 1940's.

Image courtesy BC Archives -- Call Number D-00984



 The Hudson's Bay Company warehouse at Dunvegan, Alberta, as it appeared in 1929.

Image courtesy BC Archives -- Call Number I-33303

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